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Changxing Benneng Gas Appliance Co., Ltd. is specialized in design and manufacture of fittings of safety burning system and safety ignition system for gas appliance. It is mainly used in gas grill, gas oven, gas heater, gas refrigerator and other gas appliance of heating and refrigeration. Our company has formed a kind of technical system whose core is proprietary intellectual property rights. So we are able to explore and make new models for different customers to fit gas appliance of different types. Since we have been designing and owning production experience for several years, now our products are exported to Europe and America, the Middle East, Southeast, Southeast Asia and acquire consistent high praise.

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Major sales areas: the United States, Russia, Britain, Chile, Mexico, Morocco, Argentina and so on

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Design And Engineering

Our company has formed a kind of technical system whose core is proprietary intellectual property rights. So we are able to
explore and make new models for different customers to fit gas appliance of different types.

  • Gas burner

    Gas burner

    A gas burner is a device to generate a flame to heat up products using a gaseous fuel such as acetylene, natural gas or propane. Some burners have an air inlet to mix the fuel gas with air to make a complete combustion. Acetylene is commonly used in combination with oxygen. It has many applications such as soldering, brazing and welding, the latter using oxygen instead of air for getting a hotter flame which is required for melting steel. For laboratory uses a natural gas fired Bunsen burner is used. For melting metals with melting points of up to 1100 °C such as copper, silver and gold a propane burner with natural drag of air can be used.

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  • Pilot burner

    Pilot burner

    Pilot Burner is a kind of product that is derived from some specific gas appliance which is required to meet some burning characteristics. There are mainly two types: thermoelectric type safety device and ion-detection safety device. Pilot burner is assembled by electrode, pilot and thermocouple or detection needle.

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  • ODS pilot burner

    ODS pilot burner

    ODS Pilot Burner is called ODS for short. When gas appliance is working in a unvented space for some time,the oxygen is involved in chemical reaction and produced CO2 and H2O when burning. In this case,the oxygen content in this unvented space is decreasing while CO2 content is increasing. People will feel uncomfortable when oxygen content arrives the level 16% to 17% or higher. It will even cause toxicosis when CO2 content arrives the level 4% or higher. While ODS Pilot Burner can avoid above dangers and promise the safe operation in unvented space. It will cut off the energy source so that gas appliance stop working to assure personal safety once oxygen content arrives the level 18.5% to 19.5% and CO2 content arrives the level 0.8% to 1.5%.

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  • Thermocouple


    Thermocouple is a part that is working from thermo energy converse into electrical energy. It mainly functions as a provider of continuous electrical energy for magnet. It will stop providing electrical energy for magnet when the flame is put out by external factors, then the magnet acts so that the gas value is closed, which prevent the danger from gas leakage.

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  • Electrode


    Electrode is made up of ceramic body, electrode pin, without cable, bracket and terminals. Ceramic body: 95% Aluminum, Steatite with glazed or no glazed layer.Electrode pin: OCR25AL5, SUS310, SUS304Cable: UL1332, UL3573, UL3304, UL3257Bracket: SPCC, SUS304Terminals: Various quick connect terminals are availableAdvantage: Long life, Anti-temperature, Corrosion resistanceApplication: Gas cooker, Water heater, Gas oven, Gas boiler, Andiron, BBQ.Type of wire: Bare copper wire; Teflon wire; Braided wire; Silicon rubber wire; Three-ply braided wire can be chosen. The length of the wire and the size of the probe are customized by your requirements.

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  • Gas Valves

    Gas Valves

    Be widely used for gas appliances like: gas oven, gas cooker, water heater, etc.Various types can be chosenMaterial: Brass/AluminumThe size of the jet customized by your requirements!

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  • Ignition fittings

    Ignition fittings

    1.Piezo igniter for gas oven burner2.Piezo igniter cooperate with eletrode3.Piezo igniter carries high-voltage ignition through eletrode4.Piezo igniter is plastic

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  • Nozzle&injector


    Nozzle is an essential part for gas appliance. Its main function is adjusting the gas flowrate,which directly effect the working condition of burning.Injector is a part of connection of gas pipe.Nozzle types including:Copper nozzle ,stainless steel nozzle and ruby nozzle.

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